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60s Eastside Flyers

     The pages below contain scans of flyers promoting dances and concerts in which my teenage bands participated on the East Los Angeles circuit in the 1960s.  We started as The Escorts in 1963, became Mark & the Escorts in 1964, The Men From S.O.U.N.D. in 1966, and Nineteen Eighty Four in 1969.  The most popular bands of the time are to be found on these flyers which will give you an idea what the music scene was like in East L.A.'s golden age.  Many of the artists I've written about in my articles on this website can be found on these flyers.  I was able to pinpoint the years on the flyers that didn't specify them by cross referencing gig calendars I had from the era.  According to the calendars, we played many more gigs than these, but the following are the flyers I acquired at the time and saved.  At the end of page 9, I added a few flyers from the early 70s when I was a solo artist and a member of Tango, who recorded for A&M Records.  Page 11 features flyers I had saved from dances and shows in which my bands did not perform.  Starting on page 12, are miscellaneous Eastside flyers that have been sent to me by musicians of the period.  On the last "Eastside Flyers" page are scans of music charts from Los Angeles top 40 radio station KRLA, during the years of 1964-65.  Many Chicano and Eastside artists are on these charts.  You can get to any page directly from the links below or you can navigate from one page to the next from the link at the bottom of each page.

Pages 1 through 11 are flyers of Eastside shows on which my bands performed

Page 1- The Escorts / Mark & the Escorts (1963- 64)

Page 2- Mark & the Escorts (1964- 65)

Page 3- Mark & the Escorts (1965)

Page 4- Mark & the Escorts (1965)

Page 5- Mark & the Escorts (1965- 66)

Page 6- Mark & the Escorts (1966) / The Men From S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

Page 7- The Men From S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

Page 8- The Men From S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

Page 9- The Men From S.O.U.N.D. (1966)

Page 10- Men From S.O.U.N.D. (1968) / Nineteen Eighty Four (1968)

Page 11- Mark Guerrero (1972) / Tango (1974)

Pages 12 through 22 are flyers of Eastside shows on which my bands did not perform

Page 12- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1963- 64)

Page 13- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1964- 72)

Page 14- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1967)

Page 15- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1967- 69)

Page 16- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965- 66)

Page 17- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965- 67)

Page 18- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965)

Page 19- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965- 66)

Page 20- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965- 66)

Page 21- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1965- 66)

Page 22- Miscellaneous Eastside Flyers (1964- 66)

Page 23- Miscellaneous KRLA Radio Charts (1964- 65)

Page 24- Miscellaneous KFWB & KHJ Radio Charts (1958- 66)

Page 25- East L.A. Record Store Cards (1960s)

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